B12 and B Complex Shots Las Vegas

B 12 & B Complex Shots Las Vegas are becoming very popular as more people are recognizing the benefits. Have you noticed that the energy you feel from your morning coffee begins to wear off before lunch? As most of us have busy lives, don’t get enough sleep, don’t always eat well or exercise, and are overly caffeinated, we feel zapped of our energy by mid day. Would you rather yawn all day and just accept this lack of energy or do something about it?

B 12 and B Complex Shots Las Vegas

B12 and B Complex Shots Las Vegas are used to:

    • Increase Energy
    • Boost Metabolism and Increase Fat Burning
    • Improve Skin Texture and Tone
    • Improve Mental Cognition and Nervous System Health
    • Decrease Headaches
    • Balance Hormones and Decrease Symptoms of PMS
    • Improve Mood
    • Reduce Stress and Support Adrenals
    • Boost Immune System
  • Boost Detoxification Pathways

Lipotropic (MIC) B12 Injections with added B6, B12 and B Complex

These injections contain lipotropic fat burning amino acids and are an important addition to any fat burning, weight loss program. These amino acids help your liver process fat and excrete fat soluble toxins to help with weight loss, detoxification and hormone balancing.

B Complex

B Complex Injections with added Vitamins B12 and B6 can prevent headaches, improve energy and mood, balance hormones, support your adrenals, immune system and skin health. Imagine yourself no longer having to buy that Advil, feeling kid-like energy throughout the day, and losing weight to top it all off.

B6 / B12 Injections

Vitamins B12 and B6 primarily help with energy and mood, support adrenals and boost metabolism. Our B12 injections come in short and long acting forms and a mix of the two is used to achieve the best results.

B 12 and B Complex Shots Las Vegas

Why can’t I just take over-the-counter B12 & B Complex Vitamins?

Well, you can of course, but they probably won’t be as effective. What do you think might work better — taking vitamins in pill form that have to travel through your digestive system and hopefully make their way into other parts of your body through your intestines…or direct injections that go right where they’re supposed to be and take immediate affect? We’d take the latter.

B 12 and B Complex Shots Las Vegas can offer an immediate improvement to your well-being. No need to wait for results, wonder if ‘the pills’ are working, or spend money on low-quality vitamins.

5 Reasons you might want B12 and B Complex Shots Las Vegas:

  1. You’re tired.
  2. You have headaches.
  3. You’re grumpy and stressed.
  4. You want to lose some weight.
  5. You just want to feel like a Superhuman.

Still not convinced? Testimonial time…

“I usually get a huge burst of energy the day after my B12 shot.” ~Lorelei

“For years I struggled with holding onto weight and never feeling right! I was tired ALL THE TIME. On the inside I was screaming to run and jump, but my body was not fully fueled. I attributed this to the birth of my first daughter 5 years ago and decided that this was the tiredness that I would become used to as a mom! I then developed more severe symptoms of anemia and B12 deficiency (that I found runs in families of Northern European descent.) This was a major wake up call for me. Anemia made me feel fatigued, dizzy, with tingling in my feet and head rushes. My anemia was caused from blood loss during childbirth. My body was never able to recover and I realized that I needed a boost! I knew that B12 helped boost energy and mood, but it is needed to restore red blood cells and for the function of the brain and nervous system. I researched B12 shots and found that they are the most effective way to get this vitamin into your system. Not only do I feel GREAT, but I have lost 25lbs!! My body feels amazing!!” ~Marissa

“Since I have started my B-12 Injections there has been a major improvement with my general over all being. This is the best thing that I could have done.”*~Jerry

“I’ve tried every diet out there! I know how to eat right and work out faithfully. But after 50 the lbs came anyway. The B-12 injections was the additional boost I needed to take off the extra lbs and maintain my ideal weight.”* ~Tami

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary

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