To some people distinctive features are more important than others. Some people believe the lips are the most important or even the eyelashes, but to some people the most important feature on the face is the eyebrows. Some people go through many procedures to have the “perfect brows”. Some of the procedures people go through are waxing, threading, make-up, fillers and plucking. Even though these procedures can create the best brows, these procedures must be done quite often. Depending on the person, he or she may have to visit the eyebrow expert more than once a month. But what if you want something that is more lasting? Well, us here at MD Laser Med Spa Las Vegas have an eyebrow technique that will define your eyebrows. MD Laser Med Spa now offers Microblading Las Vegas, a technique that will give you a lasting eyebrow that will look natural and real.

microblading Las vegas

What is Microblading Las Vegas?

Trends are constantly changing, especially when it comes to the eyebrows. And Microblading is the newest trend right now. Microblading Las Vegas is a procedure that fully reconstructs eyebrows and the eyebrows arches. Microblading is a type of tattoo artistry where pigment is inserted under the skin. The “eyebrow” is created by using a handheld tool which is a blade pen. No machines are used during this procedure. The blade pen comes in assorted sizes because each shade of the brow is different. Microblading Las Vegas is great procedure to cover up gaps in the eyebrows and to fill in for plucked eyebrows. *

What is the Microblading treatment?

The Microblading Las Vegas treatment can be done more than once depending on patient. The procedure begins with the eyebrow area being numbed with numbing cream. The cream is used to help decrease the amount of pain or discomfort. The numbing cream is taken off. Microblading is like a tattoo because pigment is inserted under the skin. There are varied sizes of blades for each different shade of the brow. Each time the blade pen is used it fills in the gap with the brows, which gives the brows a more fuller and younger appearance. *

Microblading Las Vegas

How long does Microblading last?

Microblading Las Vegas are like tattoos, but not exactly. Even though they are implanted into the skin, they are not inserted deep enough like normal tattoos, So, through time the eyebrows will naturally fade. Depending on the person Microblading my last from one to three years. *

How long is the Microblading Las Vegas procedure?

Microblading Las Vegas is different for each patient. The procedure can take 2 ½ – 3 hours. After the procedure is over the patient should return with a follow up appointment. The second Microblading procedure may take place between 4 to 6 weeks. The second appointment will take about 1 ½ – 2 hours

Microblading Las Vegas

Who needs Microblading?

Microblading is an important procedure to those who want to define their brows. The semi-permanent make-up is great treatment for those who: *

  • Want to cover gaps*
  • Reconstruct the brows*
  • Want a great arch*
  • Have thin eyebrows*

Meet MD Laser Med Spa’s Microblader:

Shannon Stewart - MD Laser Med Spa Las Vegas Microblader

“Do you want a new shape? Different color? More density? Or are you needing a complete eyebrow? All of this is possible with MicroBlading” – Shannon Stewart

We want you to have the best results especially when it comes to your eyebrows, so of course we have the best Mircoblader! Meet Shannon Stewart. Shannon is a top professional when it comes to Microblading. She has had numerous clients who loved their results. Shannon is different from other Microbladers because she forms a relationships with her clients, which makes them want to return.

When she first meets you,  you and her will discuss what is your goal for the “perfect” brow. She will also ask you what would you like to get out of this procedure. Shannon wants to build a relationship with you, because she wants to make sure you reach your beauty goal and she will do the best she can to get you there! Shannon is also a Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal and CoolScupting Specialist.  To see more of Shannon’s amazing work click here

Shannon’s Before and After’s:

Here are some photos of Shannon’s amazing work on clients. To see more Microblading Las Vegas Before and After’s click here.

Before and After Microblading - MD Laser Med Spa Las Vegas Before and After Photo Microblading - MD Laser Med Spa Las Vegas

*Disclaimer: Individual Results will vary

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If you have being wanting to reconstruct your eyebrows, well MD Laser Med Spa offers Microblading.  Microblader Shannon Stewart will add fullness to your brows and will give them more of a definition. If you have any questions or concerns for Shannon Stewart or regarding Microblading or any other treatments offered at MD laser Med Spa, please contact us today!

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary


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