Non-Surgical Nose Job Las Vegas

If you were given the chance to change the shape of your nose, without surgery, would you take it? With new improvements and advanced technology, utilizing fillers, at MD Laser Med Spa in Las Vegas, NV you can get the perfect nose you have always dreamed of. Whether you have a bump on the nose, a scar, an irregularity from a previous nose surgery or an indentation, Nonsurgical Nose Job is a great way to improve the shape of your nose, while staying away from surgical rhinoplasty. If you are looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with your nose, you can change that today. Call MD Laser today to learn what NonSurgical Nose Job can do for you.

What is Non-Surgical Nose Job?

NonSurgical nose jobs are a modern and new alternative for patients who are looking to improve the shape of their noses without going through invasive surgeries. The liquid rhinoplasty uses hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane. Traditionally used to fill and contour deep areas of the face or improve the appearance of areas like lips or cheeks, hyaluronic acid fillers are extremely great in altering the appearance of the nose. Although fillers are not able to change the shape of your nose bone, they can effectively fix the appearance of many common problems such as dorsal lines, bumps on the bridge of the nose and the shape of the nose tip.

non-surgical nose job las vegas

What are the benefits of a Non-surgical Nose Job?

  • Instant results
  • Little chance of long-term scarring
  • No nosebleeds
  • Safe procedure
  • No down-time required
  • No persistent swelling
  • Very cost effective compared to rhinoplasty
  • Reversible
  • Painless and fast
  • Long-lasting results

How can you do a nose job without surgery?

Liquid rhinoplasty at MD Laser can be accomplished without invasive surgeries through the use of injectable fillers, such as Juvederm, Botox or Restylane, to shape and contour the nose. The filler is injected into the desired areas of the nose to help shape the tip, camouflage bumps and to give volume where needed. Generally, patients experience zero pain and the procedure takes only a few minutes to do.

Some patients worry that adding fillers might make their noses look bigger, but this is not true. Non-Surgical Nose Job is about contouring and enhancing the nose. When the procedure is finished, the results reveal a smoother and contoured nose, as opposed to a bigger one.

What is a Non-surgical Nose Job like in Las Vegas?

During the consultation with one of our professionals at MD Laser, a customized plan will be tailored for your aesthetic goals. The procedure starts by applying a numbing cream to the desired area, in order to ensure a more comfortable procedure. The treatment typically includes multiple injections in the targeted area to reshape and contour the nose. The procedure is fast and will take around 15 minutes. You will be fully conscious and awake during the procedure, so you will not experience the negative effects of general anesthesia or sedation. Furthermore, our professionals will give you a mirror to watch every step of the process and offer feedback throughout the treatment to make sure you are satisfied with the results. Schedule an appointment today at MD Laser in Las Vegas to learn all about NonSurgical Nose Job.

Does the procedure require any downtime?

After the procedure is complete, you can return back to work or your normal routine the same day. Some patients might experience minor bruising or swelling, but these effects are minimal and will decrease and fade within a few hours post- treatment. Unlike the traditional rhinoplasty, no downtime is required with the Nonsurgical Nose Job.

non-surgical nose job las vegas

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If you are looking in the mirror and feeling unhappy with the shape of your nose, you can change that today! Non-Surgical Nose Job at MD Laser in Las Vegas, NV will get you the shape and symmetry you have always dreamed of, and with no downtime too! Schedule a consultation with our professionals and get the nose you have always wanted!

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary

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